True Velocity

Build Velocity From The Ground Up.

Indoor Batting Cages

Both of our locations have indoor batting cages that can help you learn to hone your batting skills.

Pitching Program

Our True Velocity Pitching Program will help you increase your velocity and improve your pitching skills.

Endurance Training

Our pitching program will also help players increase their endurance and their overall performance.

Travel Teams

Want to join one of our Kansas City travel teams? Contact us for more information.


Indoor Baseball Club

1460 NW Olympic Dr. Grain Valley, MO 64029

Indoor Baseball Club

1485 S Mahaffie Circle Olathe, KS 66062


About The True Velocity Programs

Medically Supervised Training Programs

Our Program Helps Improve The Player's Mechanics

Players Increase Their Pitching Speed By an Average of 4 MPH

Learn How to Hit Farther and More Consistently

Players Can Increase Their Strength & Endurance

Learn to Play Baseball at a Higher Skill Level

Our Youth Baseball Clubs Train Players For The

Big Leagues


Both of our true velocity pitching programs and our bat speed programs has helped several players in Kansas City get signed to college baseball teams where they have excelled at the sport and have been given opportunities to make it into the major leagues after college. Do you have what it takes?

How Old Does a Player Have to Be to Participate?

In order to participate in our training programs, players must be at least twelve years old.

How Often Do You Have Your Baseball Training Programs?

We have our training programs three times a year, but our batting cages are open all year long.

Do Your Baseball Clubs Have Batting Cages?
Yes. Both of our indoor ball club locations have indoor batting cages that feature new technology developed by Hittrax. This technology is a live hitting simulator that lets players see how far they actually hit the ball.
How Long is Your Baseball Training Programs?
Our True Velocity Pitching Program and our Bat Speed Program run simultaneously for eight consecutive weeks.
Can Players Participate in Both of Your Programs?
Absolutely. In fact, we encourage players to participate in both programs to increase their throwing and hitting skills.
How Do I Join One of Your Traveling Baseball Teams?
To join one of our travel teams you must be at least twelve years of age and contact us for a tryout.
True Velocity gave me the tools to transform from a skinny, average, high school pitcher to a high level D1 arm. Not only did this program fulfill all of my needs as a pitcher, it did so in a safe, supervised manner. Jake McMahill

The drills we do are always structured around yourself as a pitcher and always getting your mechanics to be better. The coaches, Hector and Pedro, are a huge help and always pushing everybody to be and do the best they can. Peyton Smith

I really like how hard our coaches push us. They try to make us the best we can. I have been with the program for 2 years now and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Hector and Pedro do an awesome job. Mason Eaton

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1460 NW Olympic Dr. Grain Valley, MO 64029